Student Mentoring Program

  • Guiding young minds in the right direction is of utmost importance to ensure that they reach their full potential.
  • The program supports students continuous growth, development and building of personal and professional capabilities.
  • The faculty mentor guides and advises the student.
  • A personal relationship is created which allows for complete understanding of students aspiration, strength and weaknesses.

Mentoring Process

  • Each student at IILM is allocated a faculty mentor at the time of admission.
    • At the beginning of the Program, the faculty mentors try to understand their mentees and help their mentees settle well in the new environment.
    • As semesters pass, the complexion of mentoring changes from familiarization with environment to a more developmental form .
    • The faculty mentor also plays a critical role in the mentees’ Internship and Placements.
  • There is an evaluation process for assessing the effectiveness of mentors and mentoring program. Focused group discussions is used to understand the effectiveness of the mentor and also identify the possible challenges.
  • Sharing of mentee Information-In case the mentor leaves the information about the mentee need to be shared with the new mentor. There is a handing over form which needs to be signed by both the new and the old mentor.