Date: September 28, 2016


Subject: Ombudsman Committee at IILM Institute for Business & Management, 1 Knowledge Center, Golf Course Road, 71, Sector 53, Gurgaon – 122003

In order to ensure transparency by Technical Institutions imparting technical education, in admissions and with Paramount Objectives of preventing unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances, AICTE has notified regulation for establishment of mechanism for Grievance Redressal Committee and OMBUDSMAN for all the AICTE approved technical Institutions vide No. 37-3/Legal/2012 dated 25.05.2012.
Following will be the members of Grievance Redressal Committee for student & staff of at IILM Institute for Business & Management, Gurgaon

S.No. Name of the Member Particulars Details Contact Details
1 Retired Judge Legal Advise OMBUDSMAN
2 Dr. Sujata Shahi Grievance Redressal Senior Director 9871163079
3 Dr. Vidhisha Vyas Grievance Redressal Dean Academics, Area Chair, Area Chair, Economic, Strategy & International Business 9739790592
4 Prof. Shivani Ahuja Grievance Redressal Area Chair, Marketing, Branding and Customer Service 9871685559
5 Prof. Richa Bhargava Grievance Redressal Area Chair, Technology and Operations Management 9278722320
6 Dr. Pinky Goswami Grievance Redressal Area Chair, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Leadership & Negotiation 7607805161
7 Prof. Sandhya Prakash Grievance Redressal Area Chair, Finance and Accounting Management 9871794991
8 Prof. Sanjeev Sareen Grievance Redressal Area Chair, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Business 9999017197