IILM institute aims to develop students’ career landscape by proactively addressing the industry requirement through identification of students’ talent base, and develop knowledge and skills that are valued by prospective employer. It not only aims to focus on the theory building but also on holistic development of students via varied activities such as summer internships, live projects, industrial visits, panel discussions, industry seminars, conference participation etc.


Summer Internship

Following the first year, students would undertake summer internship for a period of eight to nine weeks in a corporate. Summer Internship provides a platform to students to use their theoretical knowledge and experience gained in first year in the organisational setting.


Live Projects

Understanding of organisation culture, work process and individual and interpersonal dynamics are at the core of every successful manager. Live project as a tool would help students in understanding all these aspects. Live projects enable the students to map their aspirations with norms of the organization.


Industrial Visits

It is believed that the real life work experience always add value to the current learning process. In the realm of the same, IILM Institute for Business and Management fosters the culture of industry visits to give the practical exposure to the students.


Learning from Leaders

Experience based learning is inbuilt in the philosophy of IILM Institute. We strive to invite highly experienced corporate leaders to share their experience with our student and faculty community. All these activities will provide our students a chance to demonstrate their leadership competencies.

Speaker Mr. Anirban Gupta, CEO, Dhriiti Professional services shared his experiences with students. It was knowledge enhancing for the students who got motivated to start their own entrepreneurial venture.

He gave the example of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas who have been in business for the past 125 years. The students were shown a short movie titled, “A Day in the life of a Mumbai Dabbawalla”.

The discussions highlighted that the dabbawalas have crossed the six sigma mark and have achieved high degree of efficiency and effectiveness in the business. The number of errors are 3.4 per million. They rely on traditional method and are way better than Airline companies which commit 3 errors per 24.

Mr. Gupta has devised his own definition of Entrepreneur based on Financial, Social and Environmental implications of the business. According to him every enterprise across the world is a blend of Financial, Social and Environmental factors. .He explained this to the students by involving them in group discussions, wherein the students discussed the financial, social and environmental factors that affect dabbawalla’s business. All students contributed to the discussion by giving their view points.

He motivated students by saying that every individual has an entrepreneur hidden in him, provided he is ready to take that plunge!


Final Placement

IILM Institute with its intellectual base and enriched curriculum aims to deliver the best students to the corporate fraternity. Placement process at the campus will be strongly supported.