Date: September 28, 2016


Subject: Disciplinary Committee at IILM Institute for Business & Management, 1 Knowledge Center, Golf Course Road, 71, Sector 53, Gurgaon – 122003

The Institute has formed Disciplinary Committee, comprising of following members to look into the all such matters:-

S.No. Name Contact Number Designation
1 Dr. Sujata Shahi  9871163079 Senior Director
2 Retired Judge Legal Advisory
3 Ms. Shivani Ahuja  9871685559 Program Director
4 Mr. Jatin Achra  9811372060 Member
5 Mentor Faculty

Committee Role and Responsibilities

Ongoing Activities

  1. Maintain transparency, non-bias opinion and confidentiality.
  2. Review and finalize all meeting minutes in advance of Committee member circulation.
  3. Sign all records, reports, member decision letters and /or other forms related to the Committee activities.

During the Meetings

  1. Conduct effective meetings by applying Schedule C to the College by-laws “Rules of Order of the Council and its Committee”.
  2. Ensure all Committee members have the opportunity to actively participate in
  3. Committee discussions, decisions and motions; and manage controversy.
  4. Ensure recording secretary has documented:
    1. all main points of the meeting’s discussions
    2. action items
    3. motions / decision made by Committee
    4. meeting start and end time
  5. Set future meeting dates.