An Incubation Initiative by IILM

Startup Labs has been incorporated by IILM to support and bolster a start-up company’s creation and activity in the early stages (initialisation, design, experimentation, prototyping, seed and initial development) before it becomes self sustainable. The incubator provides support in terms of Office Space at Gurgaon – a leading hub of entrepreneurial activity, Early Stage Funding, Infrastructural Facilities and access to an exceptional Eco System consisting of Renowned Mentors, Industry Experts, Serial Entrepreneurs, Software Designers, academic/Faculty Experts and Investors among others.

At Startup Labs, our goal is to get you through the initial and the most challenging phase of your startup. This would usually involve getting you to a point where you have built something impressive enough to be able to garner and raise money at a larger scale and a bigger platform. We also introduce you to the later stage investors or maybe even acquirers !!

Beyond Funding

At Startup Labs we believe that just introducing the startups to the investors isn’t enough. Introductions are the easiest part. We work hand in hand with the founders in developing their investor pitches and closing the deals once they’re able to generate the interest. Startups coming out of Startup Labs are likely to be dealt with differently by the investors.

How We Do it?

Most of the founders in each startup are expected to operate out of the 30000 square feet facility at Gurgaon. A Startup Seminar is scheduled every year end, where Investors and Venture Capitalists are invited, and the founders are given a chance to pitch their ideas to them. Startup Labs has access to the institute’s legacy of 9000+ Alumni.

How to Apply?

Currently we invite applications throughout the year from founders who have an idea and are passionate enough to pursue that idea to the market. Instead of submitting the business plan or pitching the venture to us, you just need to fill the application form in order to apply with us.